We’ve identified a range of accommodation options in central Sydney that are both close to conference venue at the University of Sydney and well-placed for Sydney sightseeing. 

Below you’ll find information on accommodation locations where we’ve secured group rates and held a limited number of rooms for conference participants, and also locations where you can receive a group rate but where we have NOT held rooms.  Of course you are free to choose any other accommodation options.



Making Bookings:  Please note that you must individually book and pay for your accommodation.  Contact details can be found below for the accommodation options we’ve gathered.  We cannot guarantee availability and recommend participants book accommodation as soon as possible.  We’ve held rooms for only the nights of July 1,2,3,4.  If you wish to arrive earlier or stay longer, please enquire with accommodation providers individually.  If you are having difficulty making a booking at the options listed below, please contact us.

Costs:  The options listed below cover a range of cost levels.  The price quoted does not include breakfast, though breakfast is available for approximately $15-$25/day at most locations.  Parking is available at most locations but may cost up to $30/day.  Please confirm these details with your accommodation provider.

Check-in/ Check-out:  Most check-in/check-out times are approximately 2PM/ 10AM.  Please enquire individually to confirm these details or to ask about holding bags and shower facilities for early arriving guests.