The Mobile Media 2007 conference is being held in the Veterinary Science Conference Centre, Regiment Crescent, on the Camperdown campus of the University of Sydney.

The Veterinary Science Conference Centre building code is B22, and you can locate it on this map: [Click here to view map]

From Parramatta Road:
Alight from a bus at the corner of Parramatta Road and Ross Street, and proceed through the university gates. Walk to the right (or counter-clockwise) around the oval straight in front of you (Oval No. 2). The road is Regimental Crescent, and if you follow it about 100 metres, you will find the Veterinary Science Conference Centre on the right.

See the spreadsheet on the Accommodation page for directions to Sydney
University campus from accommodations options we've identified.

To conference dinner @ Thai Pothong: A 25 minute walk from the University,
up City Road onto King St.  Also, any bus up City Road from the University,
exit on King St. at the Dendy Theater.  Also, a train to Newtown Station,
walk right 50 metres on King St.