Associate professor of media studies interfaculty initiative in information studies, the University of Tokyo, Japan

Born in 1963. Graduated from Tsukuba University. While still a student, Mizukoshi engaged in product planning at the design office COATO. MA of the graduate school of sociology, the University of Tokyo. Before taking his present post in 2000, Mizukoshi was at the Institute of
Socio-Information and Communication Studies in the University of Tokyo, first as a research associate and then as an associate professor.

Mizukoshi advocates socio-media studies based on historical and social perspectives, rather than focused on information technology. One of his primary research activities, undertaken with his colleagues, is the MELL Project (Media Expression, Learning and Literacy Project), a practical studies on citizen's media expression and media literacy. His writings include "Formation of Media : A Dynamic History of American Broadcasting", "Digital Media Society" (New Edition), "Telephone as a Medium", "Media Practice : Making Media, Change the World","Media Biotope: Designing Media Ecology".